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About Us

Chartered in 1948, the Southern California Ambulance Association was founded by the fathers of the ambulance industry in Southern California.

Industry pioneers such as J.H. Goodhew of Goodhew Ambulance Service, Carl Dolphin of Dolphin’s Ambulance Service, J. Walter Schaefer of Schaefer Ambulance Service, Ysidro Reyes of Santa Monica Ambulance Service and O.B. Bowers of Bowers Ambulance Service came together to work on common issues of their day so that each of their businesses would continue to be able to offer needed services for the public good.

In 1969, the association changed its name to the Los Angeles County Ambulance Association to better reflect the geographic area of the association’s primarily focus.

Today, the association represents licensed providers in Los Angeles County and continues to serve as a collective voice on issues relevant to the ambulance industry, just as it did more than 65 years ago.